About Algarve Beachcomber - Casa BeachComber

About Beachcomber

The beautiful Beachcomber villa was originally built by an English gentleman. His original plans for the large villa included entirely separate wings for himself and his wife, with the middle communal areas for family and friends to gather. The villa was lived in for several years before being sold and turned into the Lagos Country Club. This ex-pat haven had a reputation for both its parties and clientele, partying into the small hours. Even now, a lot of the taxi drivers around Lagos still know Beachcomber as the country club, so you’ll have no problem getting home from a night in town!

The bowling green was added at that time and the pool enlarged before the country club fell out of fashion and it was turned back into a private residence. The original blueprint of the villa meant that it naturally converted into the present five apartments. The Flower and Garden apartments are the two main wings of the villa, with the largest Jacuzzi Apartment joining the two in the hub of the house, and the Balcony apartment upstairs having views to the sea.

Regardless of it’s colourful history, Beachcomber was above all a family home and you’ll be immediately relaxed in the quiet, peaceful and secluded surroundings of the villa’s grounds. Whether you’re looking for a base in the heart of the Algarve, or merely a relaxing break in some of Europe’s weather, Beachcomber welcomes you and looks forward to hosting you on your next holiday to Portugal.


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